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Boost your productivity when creating transcripts or captioning videos using Alrite’s superhuman speech to text AI.

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Typing a lot? Meet Alrite – One of the most efficient speech to text AI solutions

Based on state-of-the-art deep learning technology, Alrite offers a comprehensive solution for many business scenarios. As one of the world’s most advanced speech transcription and recognition system, it lets you transcribe audio and video files effortlessly in just a few seconds. Convert your speech to text in a secure, cloud-based environment.

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See how our speech to text AI can speed up your transcription and captioning tasks

Our speech to text solutions are trusted by leading organisations

Why Alrite is a game-changer

Alrite doesn’t only save you time by accurately converting the recorded speech to text. It can also transcribe speech from an uploaded file, and it has many more exclusive features, such as recognizing speakers and so on. Therefore, you can always focus on value-driven tasks, making your business more efficient and profitable.

Impressive features


Our advanced artificial intelligence models provide an exceptional 95% accuracy, automatically handling spelling and punctuation.


The application has no limits. It is available with its full functionality on the popular browsers, such as Google Chrome, and the free mobile app makes it possible to stay productive on the go. You can download the Alrite speech to text app for free on iOS and Android as well.


One of our main focuses is on providing high level security and privacy to secure our users’ data with our multiple layered data protection system.

Cutting-edge functionality

Speaker separation

The Alrite application’s speech transcription software can recognize multiple speakers in the same audio or video material and label them accurately.

Advanced audio search

Searching in large amount of audio and video files has never been easier. Alrite gives you the specific file and the exact second where the search term occurs.

Caption editing

Video content creators can leverage the advanced caption editor of the Alrite speech to text application, and can even download the video with customizable burned-in captions.

Get documentation done even faster with Alrite’s voice typing feature

Alrite’s voice typing engine and many other features made more than 150K people work more efficiently with our app

One platform - infinite opportunity

Everything you need in one place: transcribe, search, play, edit, translate, download and share.

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Alrite does not stop at speech transcription

One platform – Infinite opportunities. You can find everything you need in one place: transcribe, search, play, edit, translate, download, and share your audio or text files and recordings. All these features are available in the Alrite speech recognition app. You can download it for free on mobile, or you can access it through the most popular web browsers.

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Generate subtitles and timed captions for videos in seconds

Add your YouTube video’s link to create the perfectly timed caption for your video. Even more, you can generate subtitles in multiple languages automatically to reach foreign audiences. As an extra feature, it is possible to create real-time captions for live events and streaming.

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All your files in one place

Alrite keeps your documents safely for a whole year in your private account. Get the most of your files – Alrite lists the keywords of your files and allows you to search in all of your materials at the same time, showing you the exact second where the search term occurs.

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Seamless collaboration

Alrite is more than “just” a speech to text AI. The unlimited number of users and multi-level access management enable effective teamwork. The files created can be exported in the most important formats for further use and shared with others via a unique link using the share function.


How our state-of-the-art audio and speech transcription software works

Transform any audio and video files, or recorded speech into text in only 3 steps

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Dictate or upload

Add your file or use your device's mic to dictate - the text will be available shortly

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Edit file

Edit the text with the help of the uncertain words to achieve 100% accuracy

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Use text

Download the perfect transcript/caption (in .docx or .srt format), or share it online

In which industries can you boost your productivity with voice to text AI?

We help innovators make new breakthroughs in business using AI

The best speech transcription AI in your pocket

Do not lose any piece of information ever. Take Alrite with you from as low as {{pricing.Prime}}/minute.

Allow our speech to text AI to make your life easier and more efficient. You can also try one hour of the Alrite voice to text AI for free, whether it is audio transcription or automatic video captioning, we offer you the whole palette.

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What our customers say about Alrite, the next generation speech to text AI

Join our satisfied Alrite community of more than 150,000 users!

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On-demand business services

We provide additional services for our business partners to maintain business continuity and to achieve the highest efficiency possible.

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API access

The Alrite REST API provides the ability to integrate speech recognition into business applications, with real-time transcription.


Batch processing

By processing multiple files at the same time, a lot of time can be saved, whether it's a historical archive or a large volume of files in real time.

Giving speech on a conference

Real-time transcription

We offer real-time automated transcription and captioning services for meetings, for conferences and for media streaming platforms as well.


On-premise / private cloud

To ensure maximum protection of business data, it is possible to install the application on a server hosted on the premises of the organisation, or in a private cloud environment.

Dictionary entry

Custom vocabulary

The application can be taught to the special terms of any vocabulary (e.g. legal, financial, or healthcare) to reach an even higher accuracy.

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Custom development

We can develop applications using Alrite's algorithm, with unique functionality and look and feel, tailored to specific processes.

Take the next step on your journey through digital transformation

See what AI-based speech recognition is capable of

The Alrite speech to text software has multiple useful functions. From transcribing your audio files or recordings into text and translating them if needed, to generating subtitles in multiple languages for your videos to improve your productivity.