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Speech to Text App that Deaf and Hard of Hearing people need

Digital accessibility plays a significant role in ensuring inclusivity for people with hearing impairments. With the AI powered technology, innovative solutions have emerged to bridge communication gaps and help them in their professional and everyday life. 

Why is digital accessibility important?

Discover how speech-to-text apps promote group conversation and communicating with deaf or hard of hearing people. The significance of digital accessibility lies in its ability to foster inclusivity and guarantee equal access to information for individuals with disabilities.

With the increasing digitalization of services and procedures in our society, it is crucial to ensure that everyone can benefit from these offerings. Moreover, it has gained considerable attention in various areas, like regulations in public institutions or in media taking the initiative to ensure that all their content is comprehensible and readable by all individuals.

Useful apps to support accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing people 

Living in a world where communication heavily relies on spoken words, individuals with hearing impairments often face barriers in accessing information and engaging fully in conversations. However, with speech-to-text apps a new realm of possibilities has opened up, supporting deaf individuals to overcome communication challenges.

Alrite, a comprehensive solution is available from web browser and for smartphones as mobile app, is at the forefront of revolutionizing accessibility for people with disabilities. By leveraging advanced speech recognition technology, Alrite can process media from various sources in seconds, including direct recording – the app turns the speech into text and shows what the person is saying. 

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Unleashing the potential of the Alrite app on your device

Alrite’s speech recognition application provides hearing-impaired users a tool with refined accessibility features, easing everyday tasks ranging from having a conversation with someone, to the comprehension of public announcements.

In which areas can HoH people benefit from using speech to text apps?

  • Educational settings – transcribing and captioning lectures
  • Business meetings, online meetings
  • Online media consumption- accessible web contents
  • Automated translation of video and audio files

The Alrite speech recognition app’s basic functionality greatlysupports users with hard-of-hearing to capture and transcribe conversations, notes, meetings, and lectures. This aspect proves invaluable in professional settings, educational institutions, and everyday interactions, as it facilitates effective communication and ensures that no one is left out of important discussions. 

Moreover, Alrite supports file uploads, enabling users to submit audio files for transcription. This functionality extends to podcasts, interviews, and other audio-based content, ensuring that everyone can access information that was previously restricted by their hearing-impairment. The app generates transcriptions with 90-95% accuracy in seconds from recorded audio, uploaded and social media videos via an URL link from platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Facebook Watch further enhancing the availability and comprehensibility of media content in English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Turkish and Hungarian languages.

Social media platforms have become hubs for sharing and consuming multimedia content. However, for individuals with hearing impairments, this can cause a significant challenge. Alrite addresses this issue by making it easy to create captions with high accuracy, allowing users to extract valuable information from videos through transcripts and captions. In addition to the ability to convert audio into text, transcripts and video captions can be translated into other languages at the touch of a button within the app. This ensures that people with disabilities can engage with viral videos, educational content, and entertainment regardless of the language of the media.

Alrite’s ability to process media content significantly enhances accessibility for people with hearing loss. This versatile app employs cutting-edge algorithms to convert spoken words into text, creating a more inclusive experience across various digital platforms.

The Alrite app’s user-friendly interface and easy to use mobile app (for smartphones and tablets) make it a powerful tool for transcription on the go.

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Empowering deaf and hearing-impaired people with some of the best Live Captions

Alive, a complementary app in our product portfolio, enriches the lives of deaf individuals by offering features like live captioning. Unlike traditional transcription services that provide post-event transcriptions, Alive displays spoken words as live captions, allowing individuals to actively participate in conversations with hearing people and fully engage with their surroundings.

With the Alive app, users can enjoy an inclusive experience in social interactions, business meetings, or public events by using their smartphone and its microphone. The app processes audio input (the speech detected through the phone’s microphone) in real-time and displays it as text on the user’s mobile device screen. This live captioning feature enables instant access to information, facilitating effective communication and promoting inclusivity.

Alive’s ability to provide live captions has transformative implications for individuals with hearing-impairments. It empowers them to stay informed, participate actively in live conversations, and be able to read exactly what is being said.The Alive app – that is currently available on android phones –  is a useful tool to follow a live event or a conference presentation. The participant installs the application to follow what is being said at the same time as the rest of the audience without relying solely on lip-reading or sign language.

Start to transcribe on your smartphone with the Alrite speech-to-text app for Free

Alrite and Alive are some of the the best speech to text apps for people who need support in communicating with the hearing, they represent a significant milestone in digital accessibility for people with disabilities. These innovative solutions harness the power of speech recognition technology to provide transcripts, subtitles and live captions for all. 

Whether it’s processing media content, capturing conversations, or displaying spoken words as text, these apps open doors to information, interaction, and engagement that were once inaccessible for deaf individuals. By embracing these technological advancements, we can create a more inclusive digital landscape where everyone can fully participate and can access to all sort of web contents.

Try Alrite for free – register to take advantage of the basic functionality of the speech to text app and enjoy the monthly renewed free Starter package. Download Alrite for free from the App Store for iOS or from Google Play for Android devices.