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Real time voice typing

Alive is a real time voice typing application allowing you to display speech on your desktop or mobile device in real time.

Alive's optional functions to use the app for real time voice typing as accurately as possible on phones

Enjoy instant captions with unparalelled accuracy

Alive is a separate application, which uses the Alrite Core to recognize, understand and transcribe speech into text in real time. Now all offline and online events can be more inclusive with real time transcription and captioning. But it doesn’t stop there. There are many more benefits to live captioning, such as further engaging your audience or helping you create notes more accurately and effectively.

When to use real time voice typing

Make conferences more engaging and accessible.

People watching a live-captioned video together on a screen


For live conferences and streamed events, live captions provide an inclusive experience for participants who may not otherwise be able to hear speakers and sounds at the event. They provide better access to attendees, who are non-native English speakers or have any kind of hearing impairment.

Office presentation

Preparing for a big presentation at the office or at a conference? Pump up your slides with live captions, thus making them more audience-friendly and comprehensible for your audience

A man presenting on a business meeting in front of his colleagues, while his words are being captioned real time on the monitors
University student making notes of an online lecture being subtitled real time by Alive

Online meetings

Enhanced accessibility is mutually beneficial for everyone in any online meeting. Participants not only have a better understanding on what’s being said, but they can also make use of the notes after the meeting.


Educational institutions can create a better, more engaging experience for every student and give all learners a chance to succeed.

Test scores increased by 8% for students who used interactive transcripts.

Lecture being presented by a man standing in front of the sitting university students
Podcast being captured by iPhone on a stand, and also being transcripted real time with a speech transcription software

Live media (TV and social media)

Captioning on television shows or live social media videos ensures more viewership as people with hearing disabilities or those who are not fluent with the language can watch the programs with ease.

69% of consumers prefer to watch videos without sound when in public, and 25% prefer to do so in private.

Real time transcription on desktop and mobile

Gather all information in-person, on your mobile, virtually, or in any other way possible! Alive doesn’t let you lose any piece of information ever. Its real time transcription feature works on both mobile and desktop, so no matter the circumstances, it will provide a great deal of help for everyone.

Voice typing mobile app

No need for special devices or tools. Your mobile is the only thing necessary for real time transcription with unparalelled accuracy.

If you’re a non-native speaker listening to a presentation, participating in an event or a meeting, or watching a live stream / TV show, Alive’s voice typing has got you covered. With the help of AI, it works with an unprecedented 95% accuracy. This helps you not only to understand what others are saying, but also to keep the text so it will be easier to make notes from it. It is especially useful in education and business scenarios, where every single detail can be important.

With Alive’s mobile app, you only need your phone’s built-in microphone, and you are good to go. Its voice typing feature will present you every single word that was said, so you can make your notes more accurately and efficiently.

Alive's real-time transcription feature illustrated on phone's screen

Live captions on screens

Worried about your audience not understanding you? With the help of Alive – you won’t have to!

Real time transcription can really solve all the problems you have faced previously. Whether you are in a crowded, loud space, you are not speaking in your native language, or you want to make sure others understand you while you are live on any social media platform, Alive will be helpful.

It is not only beneficial for your audience, but for you as well. You don’t have to stress anymore about what will happen if your listeners or viewers miss out on the most important bit. With Alive transcribing everything you say in real time, this cannot happen. Your message will always be conveyed in a way you intended it.

Moreover, if it is certain that your audience understands you well, it is more likely they will engage with you. Who knew an active audience is so easy to achieve?

Live captioning of a talkshow/team meeting consisting of 2 women and 1 man

Alive’s real time transcription is the right choice for you if you are:

  • a public speaker
  • an educator
  • a streamer / content creator
How is Alive useful for public speakers?

Imagine you are publicly presenting once again, and when you ask a question, believe it or not, your audience becomes involved and answers. Sounds great, right? With the help of Alive’s live transcription, you can visualize your words on your slides right behind you, boosting the engagement rate of your viewers / listeners!

Educators, help your students achieve better with Alive!

If any of your students have hearing impairments, Alive can be their most helpful tool. Moreover, it is statistically proven, that students will score higher on tests if the lecture was transcribed live, although it’s not surprising.

Boost the number of views on your videos and live streams!

All online content creators know the grind behind achieving the desired number of views as well as building a fanbase. Let us give you a shortcut: thanks to your video’s higher SEO ranking and accessibility, you can reach significantly wider audiences!

Real time captioning demo

Test the effectiveness of Alrite on a live TV broadcast with real-time captioning!

The subtitles of Euronews live programs were not created by Euronews, they were created with the Alrite software application by Régens Zrt. Euronews is not responsible for any subtitles.

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