Automatic speech transcription for Public Administration

Speech transcription tailored to the needs of governments: automatic transcription and accessibility

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Wide range of use

AI in Government – automatic transcription of meetings and captioning videos with Alrite

Alrite offers its users a comprehensive solution. It doesn’t only convert speech to text, but it offers much more.

The Alrite speech to text application effectively supports public administrations in reducing administrative burdens.

Automatic speech transcription can be shared and translated into text and video transcripts in seconds, speeding up the production of meeting minutes and making information accessible.

Politicians applauding at meeting in a meeting room

Use speech to text to reduce administrative paperwork

Transcribe Meeting Minutes automatically

Recordings of general meetings can be converted to text with up to 90-95% accuracy in seconds. The system helps municipalities and mayors’ offices to produce meeting notes, replacing time-consuming typing. The Alrite speech transcription application converts what is said at meetings and events into text in a fraction of the time.

The Alrite speech transcription application can process pre-recorded audio and video recordings or online media, and also direct dictation. Once recorded, the system produces a transparently segmented, punctuated, speech-marked transcript in minutes or less.

The automatic transcript of the recording can be easily corrected using the interface’s editor, and can be downloaded in Word-compatible .docx format with a single click. You can also save the document as plain text or with timestamps by each paragraph.

Revisit the key moments of your meetings with the help of AI

Creating a media archive of meetings, assemblies

One of the great advantages of the Alrite speech transcription app is that it not only generates outstanding 90-95% accurate text from audio and video, but also adds timestamps to each word in the transcript, enabling searchability beyond text to media. And how?

By clicking in the transcript, the player jumps to the exact second where the phrase appears in the media. It also reduces the time spent on taking notes and reports by allowing you to recall the relevant passages at any time. Since phrases can be searched within a given file also in all files at once, a valuable, easily searchable text-media archive can be compiled from recordings of meetings so the important bits can be revisited at any time.

Audience reading documents
Capturing governmental speech with multiple politicians with cameras

Create subtitles for your videos in seconds

Captioned videos: accessibility and destination management

Text generated from audio and video files processed with Alrite speech transcription can be produced in a language other than that of speech in the media. With the help of the automatic translation system built into the speech to text app, the captions of videos shared on social media can be made available in several languages at the same time, making the visibility of the municipality as a tourist destination easier in the online space by allowing non-English speakers to understand the content through the captions.

The Alrite speech to text app not only generates a transcript, but also video captions that perfectly matches the video. More and more municipalities are creating their own video content for various social media platforms (YouTube, Facebook): video information material for residents, marketing videos about local tourist attractions and events. The captioned video content can also be made accessible to hearing-impaired viewers.

In addition to post-processing media material, Alrite is also available as a live captioner to support accessibility: it works both on desktop version and as a mobile application. The real-time speech recognition and captioning system can be used to make cultural events for local residents accessible to hearing impaired participants by displaying speech as real-time subtitles (e.g., on a projector).

Make media content accessible on your platform

Communication and information material with speech transcription

The administrative burden on local authorities is considerable, and the preparation of reports and communication materials is extremely time-consuming, with typing taking up a large part of the process. Therefore, it is advisable to use a speech recognition tool that frees colleagues from cumbersome typing tasks. The Alrite speech to text solution can effectively support institutional administrative processes too.

Woman in white shirt reading and signing a political document being handed to her by a man in a blue suit

See what Alrite is capable of in a sample transcript

Below you a can find a sample data sheet of a previously recorded audio. It is a publicly shared document where you can check how accurate Alrite is (the transcript has not been edited). To try the versatile functionality of Alrite, please register.

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Start to utilize the advantages of Alrite's transcription features to include a larger audience and to boost your overall productivity.

  • Helpdesk within 12 hours
  • Transcribing YouTube, Facebook and TikTok videos
  • Storage of files and text versions for 1 year
  • Administration interface for managing an unlimited number of users
  • Transcription using dictation
  • Transcription using audio and video file upload
  • Translation
  • Generating transcripts containing timestamps

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  • Priority helpdesk, within 6 hours Premium
  • Transcribing and captioning YouTube, Facebook and TikTok videos Premium
  • Storage of files and text versions for 1 year
  • Administration interface for managing an unlimited number of users
  • Transcription using dictation
  • Transcription using audio and video file upload
  • Translation
  • Video captioning Premium
  • Burned-in captions Premium
  • Generating transcripts containing timestamps


Take advantage of Alrite's full functionality with the ability to request all additional services, such as tailor-made dictionary for media monitoring or content creating

  • Unique vocabulary
  • API access
  • On-premises deployment

Governmental institutions, municipalities and mayor's offices have access to Alrite business subscription packages at a special discount, with an additional 5% volume discount above 100 hours of time credit.

Frequently asked questions

What benefits does the Alrite speech to text AI have?

The Alrite speech to text app provides multiple features to boost your productivity

  • Automatic transcription of speech and audio files in English, German, Spanish, French, Turkish and Hungarian
  • 95% accuracy of speech transcription
  • Speech recognition of multiple speakers
  • Generate subtitles for your videos
  • Real time transcription for live videos and TV
  • The speech to text app highlights low confidence words, making your job easier for you
  • Useful functions in industries like Education, Media, Business, Government, and more
  • The voice to text AI is available on Android, iOS, and the most popular web browsers
  • High level security of your data
  • On-premise / private cloud service for businesses

How does Alrite work?

Alrite uses advanced AI to provide speech to text services across all industries, increasing your efficiency at all times.

How does Alrite utilize AI?

AI helps Alrite to provide the accuracy of 95% in audio and speech transcription. Moreover, it also helps so the speech to text services are available in 12 different languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Turkish, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Italian and Hungarian.

What is Alrite’s speech to text feature used for?

It is useful for individuals and for businesses as well to boost their productivity, efficiency, and to make their everyday lives easier.

In what industries can Alrite be useful?

Alrite’s speech transcription, translation, and subtitle-generating features can be useful in the following areas:

  • Office work
  • Media
  • Call centers
  • Digitalization
  • Education
  • Government
  • Accessibility
  • Non-business use