captioning voice recognition

Voice recognition AI │ Boost views on YouTube & Facebook videos now

Artificial Intelligence, hand in hand with voice recognition AI, is becoming progressively involved in both our professional and private lives.

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Searchable archives converted from media being looked through by business woman
searchable archives

Turn your media into a searchable archive with the power of AI 

In today’s fast-paced digital world, information is abundant and easily accessible. However, managing and organizing this information can be difficult, especially when it comes to large volumes of audio and video content. This is where Alrite steps in, offering an innovative speech to text solution that transforms your media into an easily searchable archive. 

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Pretty woman using speech to text on her phone in a café while drinking coffee

Speech to Text App that Deaf and Hard of Hearing people need

Digital accessibility plays a significant role in ensuring inclusivity for people with hearing impairments. With the AI powered technology, innovative solutions have emerged to bridge communication gaps and help them in their professional and everyday life. Discover how speech-to-text apps promote group conversation and communicating with deaf or hard of hearing people.

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Businesswoman using a speech to text app on her phone while being outside
MP3 to text

Convert MP3 to text with AI

Converting MP3 to text with the help of AI has never been easier. Here is how it can be simply done with Alrite, an all-inclusive speech to text app.

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