Speech to text transcription for students & lecturers

AI-powered Speech transcription system to support the full spectrum of education, meeting the needs of students, teachers, researchers and educational institutions

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AI in education – 
From accessibility of lectures to automatic transcription for students

The AI-powered Alrite speech to text app effectively supports students to be more productive and greatly contributes to accessibility in educational institutions.


Making speech to text AI a very effective tool for education overall. AI automatically converts video lectures, audio recordings and online videos into searchable-shareable-translatable text and video captions, helping educators to create lecture guides and students to take e-notes.

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Use automated lecture transcripts to get ahead in class

Transcription for students: Note-taking, dictation

Recordings of university lectures can be converted into text with up to 90-95% accuracy in seconds. The transcripts allow students to process the lectures in text form, helping them to learn effectively. Lectures are much easier to follow, and material that is heard and read at the same time is much better retained.

The Alrite speech to text application can not only process pre-recorded audio and video recordings or online media, but also direct dictation. Once recorded, the system can generate a structured, punctuated transcript in no more than a few minutes.

Speech to text increases the understandability of lectures and online courses

E-learning video captioning and translation

The text generated from audio and video files processed by the Alrite speech to text app can be translated in-app with a single click.

The automatic translation system built into the application allows the educational material to be made available in different languages simultaneously, making it much easier for foreign students to understand lectures that may not be in a language they can speak. Furthermore, lecturers can save a lot of time by sharing lectures in up to 10 different languages.

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Save the lenghty hours of typing, write your assignment with speech

Automated Interview processing: research, thesis writing

Research projects can require a lot of audio and video material to be processed, which is not only time-consuming to listen back to and transcribe, but also essential to archive properly. Searching through the audio recordings to find important details is time-consuming, but to get a fuller picture of the interviewee, the mood of the conversation and the emotional charge of what was said, it may be necessary.

By utilizing AI in education with the help of Alrite speech to text application, this is all easily achieved. The processed media-text pairs are stored together in the system, and in the file archive, so all you need to do is search for a specific phrase or keyword, as all files containing that word are listed. What’s more, clicking on the text of the transcript will jump to the exact location where the phrase is heard in the recording.

The resulting transcript is displayed in paragraphs, with speaker differentiation, and can be exported in Word-compatible format with one-click export, even with timings. Transcribing for students is ideal for thesis writers, with automatic text generation eliminating one of the most unpleasant parts of writing a thesis – the lengthy typing process.

Whether you need to instantly transcribe your thoughts or using media-based sources for your thesis, the Alrite speech to text app can generate transcripts and automatic video captions to match the media, using direct dictation, file uploads and social media video uploads.

The Alrite voice to text AI can shorten the time and cost of research by eliminating hours of typing and creating a retrievable database for using voice-text pairs for quotation and reference information for research.

Increase accessibility with live captioning

Transcribing educational materials with AI even in real time

The Alrite speech to text app is also capable of real-time speech recognition, enhancing the experience and clarity for the audience of presentations. Live captioning supports barrier-free access for deaf and hard of hearing students.

The speech to text system is extremely useful for in-depth understanding of the educational material. Alrite’s live captioner works both as a desktop version and as a mobile app, so that speech can be displayed as real-time captioning (e.g., on a projector) during lectures.

In addition, with the Alive mobile app, listeners can follow the lecture with live captions on their own devices. All that is needed is a microphone placed close to the presenter and connected to the system, so that no matter how far away the audience is from the speaker, they can read the text with exceptional accuracy.

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Take advantage of the complex search functions

Creating searchable archives of lecture transcripts

The big advantage of the Alrite speech to text app is that it delivers not only an outstanding 90-95% accuracy rate for audio and video, but also assigns unique timings to each word in the transcript, enabling searchability beyond text to media. And how?

Well, when you click in the transcript, the video player jumps to the exact second where the phrase appears in the file. This feature cuts the time spent on preparation and processing lectures to a fraction of the time needed to read them by allowing you to recall the passages in question at any time.

Note-taking and transcription is useful for students, but also for educators as well in preparing for their lectures faster. As terms can be searched within a given file, the media materials of the course can be used to create an easily searchable, valuable archive for easy access to all learning modules.

Speed up the administrative tasks and content creation

Speech recognition in communication and marketing

Educational institutions produce a wide range of documents to keep students informed. And of course, the preparation of communication materials takes a lot of time.

Therefore, it is practical to take advantage of implementing AI in education like the Alrite speech to text app that frees colleagues from cumbersome typing tasks. Alrite can effectively support the office and the administrative processes of the institution.

The institution’s communication team often shares content on its own platforms about upcoming events, deadlines, health regulations, conferences, which can be easily transcribed using automated transcription.

Finally, universities and colleges are also increasingly focusing on marketing communication. With the Alrite automatic transcription app, promotional media materials and social media posts for potential students can be instantly captioned in the original or in another language.

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Sehen Sie in einem Beispieltranskript, was Alrite leisten kann

Nachfolgend finden Sie ein Beispieldatenblatt eines zuvor aufgenommenen Audios. Es handelt sich um ein öffentlich zugängliches Dokument, an dem Sie die Genauigkeit von Alrite überprüfen können (das Transkript wurde nicht bearbeitet). Um die vielfältigen Funktionen von Alrite zu testen, registrieren Sie sich bitte.

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Start to utilize the advantages of Alrite's transcription features to include a larger audience and to boost your overall productivity.

  • Helpdesk innerhalb von 3 Werktagen
  • Transkription von YouTube-, Facebook- und TikTok-Videos
  • Speicherung von Dateien und Textversionen für 1 Jahr
  • Administrationsoberfläche für die Verwaltung einer unbegrenzten Anzahl von Benutzern
  • Transkription per Diktat
  • Transkription durch Hochladen von Audio- und Videodateien
  • Übersetzung
  • Erstellung von Transkripte mit Zeitstempeln

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Increase your content-creating and media-monitoring efficiency with Alrite, with outstanding customer service and optimization capabilities.

  • Priority helpdesk, within 8 hours Premium
  • Transcribing and captioning YouTube, Facebook and TikTok videos Premium
  • Speicherung von Dateien und Textversionen für 1 Jahr
  • Administrationsoberfläche für die Verwaltung einer unbegrenzten Anzahl von Benutzern
  • Transkription per Diktat
  • Transkription durch Hochladen von Audio- und Videodateien
  • Übersetzung
  • Video-Untertitelung Premium
  • Hartcodierte Untertitel Premium
  • Erstellung von Transkripte mit Zeitstempeln


Nutzen Sie den vollen Funktionsumfang von Alrite mit der Möglichkeit, alle zusätzlichen Dienstleistungen anzufordern, wie z.B. ein maßgeschneidertes Wörterbuch für die Medienbeobachtung oder die Erstellung von Inhalten.

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Non-profit and higher education institutions have access to Alrite business subscription packages at a special discount, with an additional 5% volume discount above 100 hours of timecredit.

Häufig gestellte Fragen

Die Alrite-Sprachausgabe-App bietet mehrere Funktionen zur Steigerung Ihrer Produktivität

  • Automatische Transkription von Sprach- und Audiodateien in Englisch, Deutsch, Spanisch, Französisch, Türkisch und Ungarisch
  • 95%ige Genauigkeit der Sprachtranskription
  • Spracherkennung von mehreren Sprechern
  • Erstellung von Untertiteln für Ihre Videos
  • Echtzeittranskription für Live-Videos und TV
  • Die Speech-to-Text-App hebt unsichere Wörter hervor und erleichtert Ihnen damit die Arbeit
  • Nützliche Funktionen in Bereichen wie Bildung, Medien, Wirtschaft, Verwaltung und mehr
  • Die Speech-to-Text-KI ist auf Android, iOS und den gängigsten Webbrowsern verfügbar
  • Hochgradige Sicherheit Ihrer Daten
  • Vor-Ort-/Private-Cloud-Service für Unternehmen

Alrite nutzt fortschrittliche künstliche Intelligenz, um Speech-to-Text-Dienstleistungen in allen Branchen anzubieten und so Ihre Effizienz jederzeit zu steigern.

KI hilft Alrite, eine Genauigkeit von 95% bei der Audio- und Sprachtranskription zu erreichen. Außerdem trägt sie dazu bei, dass die Speech-to-Text-Dienstleistung in 6 verschiedenen Sprachen verfügbar sind: Englisch, Deutsch, Spanisch, Französisch, Türkisch und Ungarisch.

Sie ist sowohl für Privatpersonen als auch für Unternehmen nützlich, um ihre Produktivität und Effizienz zu steigern und ihren Alltag zu erleichtern.

Alrites Sprachtranskriptions-, Übersetzungs- und Untertitel-Generierungsfunktionen können in den folgenden Bereichen nützlich sein:

  • Büroarbeit
  • Medien
  • Call-Center
  • Digitalisierung
  • Bildung
  • Regierung
  • Erreichbarkeit
  • Nicht-geschäftliche Nutzung