Alrite – Automatic Transcription and Captions for Digital Accessibility

AI-powered Speech transcription system to make audio accessible to everyone – equal access to digital content.

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Advanced AI solution for digital accessibility

Make your online media content accessible via automatic transcripts and video captions.

Unlocking accessibility for all! Alrite’s AI-powered speech-to-text revolutionizes accessible web content by transforming media into accurate text, supporting individuals with disabilities.

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Alrite – Automatic Transcription and Captions for Digital Accessibility

The Alrite speech to text application significantly enhances digital accessibility by providing automatic transcription and captioning services. This technology plays a crucial role in making digital content more accessible to individuals with hearing impairments, as well as those who prefer or require text-based information.

With automatic transcription, the Alrite application converts spoken language into written text by processing recorded or dictated audio, making it a highly recommended app for hearing impaired individuals. All you need is your smart mobile device, and the Alrite app which is available on both iOS and Android devices.

This feature allows individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing to access and understand audio and video content that would otherwise be inaccessible to them. By providing accurate and timely transcriptions, Alrite enables people with hearing disabilities to participate fully in various digital and offline experiences, including online and offline lectures, webinars, podcasts, videos, and more.

In addition to transcription, Alrite also offers automatic captioning services. Captions display the spoken dialogue as text in real-time or as synchronized captions for pre-recorded content. This feature benefits not only individuals with hearing impairments but also those who may be in environments where audio cannot be played, or for whom English might be a second language. Captions improve comprehension and allow users to follow along with the content more effectively.


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By automating the transcription and captioning process, Alrite eliminates the need for manual labor, reducing the time and cost associated with creating accessible content. This makes it easier to ensure materials are inclusive and comply with accessibility standards for the following experts:

  • Content creators: To increase not only social media accessibility, but internet accessibility overall, reaching wider audiences, and creating more inclusive content.
  • Educators: To provide real-time subtitles not only for the deaf and hard of hearing, but also for those who have another native language, or who suffer from mental disabilities, such as ADHD, automatically creating a written transcript of the lecture, making it available for everyone. Students would also be able to use these transcripts as smart notes, since they can search for the most important terms and keywords between multiple files as well.
  • Businesses: Whenever organizations hold meeting internally or externally, it is of utmost importance to include those colleagues and individuals, who have hearing impairments, or simply who are absent, making the content of the meeting accessible to them also.

It’s clear as the sky that increasing digital accessibility opens up so many opportunities, and increases the offline and digital experience for so many people. While the main goal is to make any form of content accessible to people with disabilities, it’s easy to see how this technology can improve all people’s experience in so many fields. Overall, Alrite’s automatic transcription and captioning capabilities contribute significantly to digital and content accessibility, breaking down barriers and providing equal access to information and experiences for all individuals.

What our customers say about Alrite, the next generation speech to text AI

In what cases does speech to text support accessibility for individuals with disabilities?

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Real-time captions for events on-site and online

Live Events and Presentations

During conferences, seminars, or public speeches, providing real-time captions through a solution like the Alrite speech to text allows deaf and hard of hearing individuals to follow along with speech.

Enhance participation and accessibility by providing real-time captions that bridge the gap for individuals who may face challenges hearing speakers or sounds during the on-site or even online event. Empowering non-native speakers and those with hearing impairments, live captions ensure equal access and a richer experience for all attendees.

Accessible educational material with transcription

Educational Settings | Making classes inclusive for all people

In classrooms and lecture halls, speech to text transcription services can be utilized to provide students who are deaf or hard of hearing with access to lectures and discussions.

The Alrite speech recognition app can generate text with up to 90-95% accuracy, by converting lecture recordings, e-learning videos, Teams or Zoom webinar recordings into text in minutes. The solution helps students with different learning habits to prepare effectively. The transcripts and video captions generated can be translated into other languages with a single click, making foreign language videos or audio material accessible.
In addition to post processing, the speech to text service is also available for live captioning. The real-time captions help students to participate in university lectures with the rest of the class supporting equal opportunities.

Woman listening to music sitting next to a bookshelf in a library
Two people talking on a podcast in a studio

Acessible TV programmes via automated captions! 

Broadcasts and Media

Live captioning using speech to text technology makes television programs, movies, and online videos accessible to deaf and hard of hearing viewers. This ensures they can fully understand and enjoy the audiovisual material.

Apply inclusivity in your television content creation by catering to a diverse audience. By prioritizing accessible content, including features like real-time speech to text for deaf and hearing-impaired audience, you can guarantee 100% understandability and include everyone. By providing captions, individuals with disabilities can stay informed and take advantage of the entertainment opportunities of media content.

Beyond post-processing, Alrite offers a real-time transcription service. This multifunctional service meets the global expectations of broadcasters to improve accessibility for the hearing impaired through live captioning. Embracing these practices allows you to broaden your audience and ensure that your content reaches and resonates with as many viewers as possible.

Business meetings – Establish accessible workplaces

Business Meetings Without Limits

Using speech-to-text technology helps individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing to actively participate in discussions and understand what is being said in real-time.

The Alrite speech to text app has a direct recoding function, which makes it easy to capture meetings, review the meeting transcript what was being said.
Alive is an additional app of the Alrite portfolio, that was tailored to the needs of the hard of hearing. The app follows the discussion and displays the conversation as live captions in real-time. The solution supports deaf individuals to actively participate in conversations in professional environments.

4 people participating in a group meeting in an office with big windows
Man waving at webcam at home sitting on his couch

Accessible web content for all audiences

Create inclusive media effortlessly with the power of AI

Accessible web content is essential for ensuring that individuals with disabilities can access and engage with online information and services. Integrating a speech to text solution like Alrite can greatly improve the overall experience for deaf and hard of hearing media consumers. The speech to text apps’ features, such as transcribing and captioning profoundly changes the way we have traditionally accessed audio and video content. The Alrite speech recognition app converts audio podcast episodes, YouTube or TikTok videos into readable text and timecoded video captions in seconds. Transcripts and video captions of shows and recordings can be published with the media.

By sharing readable content, recordings can be made accessible to a wider audience. An additional benefit of posting material in text form is that the SEO ranking of pages with text is also higher, generating additional traffic. Alrite’s powerful advantage is that it not only transcribes and captions the audio and video files, but it has a built-in translation service, that can automatically translate the documents with a single click to other languages. Why is this important? This function allows to process foreign language material in just a few minutes, multiple subtitles can be produced with it in different languages at no extra cost.

See what Alrite is capable of in a sample transcript

Below you a can find a sample data sheet of a previously recorded audio. It is a publicly shared document where you can check how accurate Alrite is (the transcript has not been edited). To try the versatile functionality of Alrite, please register.

Alrite | The go-to solution for increasing digital accessibility

The Alrite speech to text application is designed to enhance digital accessibility for users with disabilities through a range of features that prioritize inclusivity and ease of use.

The user-friendly interface of Alrite ensures that individuals with various disabilities can easily navigate and utilize the application. The interface is designed to be intuitive, with clear instructions, making it easier for every user to interact with the application.

One of the key features of Alrite is automatic translation between multiple languages. This functionality allows users who are deaf or hard of hearing and may not understand the spoken language to access and understand content in their preferred language. By automatically translating spoken words into written text, Alrite ensures that individuals with language barriers can fully engage with digital content.

For individuals with hearing impairments, there is no need for specific speech to text devices specifically designed to assist them, since with the help of any smartphone, one can implement all of the functions of Alrite. Alive captures spoken words and converts them into text in real-time, allowing users to follow conversations, lectures, or any other form of spoken communication. This function enables individuals with hearing impairments to actively participate in discussions and understand spoken information, promoting their inclusion in various social and professional settings.

Man showing business info to female colleague with a tablet device in the office

Moreover, Alrite provides subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing, which display the spoken dialogue as text on the screen. This feature ensures that individuals with hearing impairments can comprehend and enjoy audiovisual content such as movies, videos, live broadcasts, online lectures, etc. By providing accurate and synchronized subtitles, Alrite eliminates communication barriers and enables equal access to multimedia experiences.

Lastly, Alrite can serve as a voice to text translator for the deaf and hard of hearing, allowing them to communicate effectively in real-time. By converting spoken words into written text, individuals who are deaf can participate in conversations by typing their responses or reading the text displayed. This feature empowers deaf individuals to engage in dialogue with others, facilitating their inclusion and communication in various personal and professional settings.

In summary, the Alrite speech to text application increases digital accessibility for users with disabilities through its user-friendly interface, automatic translation between multiple languages, availability on all devices, subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing. These features promote equal access to information, communication, and digital experiences, enabling individuals with disabilities to actively participate in a more inclusive digital world.

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Frequently asked questions

What benefits does the Alrite speech to text AI have?

The Alrite speech to text app provides multiple features to boost your productivity

  • Automatic transcription of speech and audio files in English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Turkish and Hungarian
  • 95% accuracy of speech transcription
  • Speech recognition of multiple speakers
  • Generate subtitles for your videos
  • Real time transcription for live videos and TV
  • The speech to text app highlights low confidence words, making your job easier for you
  • Useful functions in industries like Education, Media, Business, Government, and more
  • The voice to text AI is available on Android, iOS, and the most popular web browsers
  • High level security of your data
  • On-premise / private cloud service for businesses

How does Alrite work?

Alrite uses advanced AI to provide speech to text services across all industries, increasing your efficiency at all times.

How does Alrite utilize AI?

AI helps Alrite to provide the accuracy of 95% in audio and speech transcription. Moreover, it also helps so the speech to text services are available in 12 different languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Turkish, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Italian and Hungarian.

What is Alrite’s speech to text feature used for?

It is useful for individuals and for businesses as well to boost their productivity, efficiency, and to make their everyday lives easier.

In what industries can Alrite be useful?

Alrite’s speech transcription, translation, and subtitle-generating features can be useful in the following areas:

  • Office work
  • Media
  • Call centers
  • Digitalization
  • Education
  • Government
  • Accessibility
  • Non-business use