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You can register on the registration page of the application. Every user is entitled to the free use of our application with just a quick registration. After entering the required data and accepting the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, we send an automatic email to confirm the registration. The account can be activated by clicking on the ‘Confirm registration’ link in the e-mail. After the registration, each user has the free Starter package.


Alrite© automatically transcribes English, German, Hungarian and Spanish speech with an outstanding accuracy, and we are continuously developing the application to understand other languages as well.

The Alrite© speech recognition application is using artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically make transcript and captions of the heard speech. The application offers efficient alternative to replace time consuming typing and to make audio and video materials retrievable. Alrite© transcribes the speech using dictation or file upload. In the transcript Alrite© labels the recognition accuracy, that you can switch on and off in editing mode whether to show the low confidence words.

The transcript can be edited and exported in Word format. In addition to transcription, timed captions files can also be generated. Furthermore, in case of our subscription packages, translating English transcripts and captions to Hungarian or German, and Hungarian transcripts and captions to English or German and German transcripts and captions to English or Hungarian is available as well. The transcript can be edited and converted into a Word document.

Through the Live Stream feature, you can watch various channels, and test how Alrite© creates real-time captions on different media platforms, on live broadcasts in English, German and Hungarian.

Alrite© stores uploaded/dictated files for a specified period depending on the type of the subscription.

It is possible to search for a specified expression in text and audio files, or in all files at once. Files and all related text documents can be erased on the file data sheet. To learn more about the functionality of the application, we recommend registering and trying out our Starter package.

Captioning is available in the higher level Premium and Professional packages. In case of Prime package, as a trial, only the first 2 minutes will be captioned of the uploaded or recorded file.

Before each dictation or upload, subscribers with Premium and Professional packages can select in the application to display the captions in 2 or 3 lines of the entire length of the uploaded material.


In case of the Starter and Prime packages, selecting line breaks is not optional, by default, the application’s captioning allows the display of up to 3 lines of captions in a given block. In case of these packages, as a trial, only the first 2 minutes will be captioned of the uploaded or recorded file.

The Alrite© speech recognition application can currently make transcipts and captions from English, German, Spanish and Hungarian audio and video materials, although we are continuosly developing the application, therefore soon it will be available in more languages.

Translating transcripts of recorded and uploaded files is available in the Prime, Premium and Professional business packages. The available languages for the translation are English, German and Hungarian. The transcript and the captions are processed at the same time in the application. The original, edited, and the translated captions can also be displayed on the video in the video player within the application, or you can add any of these to your video in an external player after a download.

Text editing within the application is possible both in the original transcript and in the translated transcript versions of the recordings and uploads. By saving the modifications made in the transcript, the captions are updated automatically.

The quality of the microphone, (mobile or laptop built in microphone, headset, external microphone, or other device) the distance between the speaker and the microphone, the volume of the speech and the level of background noises affect the estimated 95% punctuality of the transcript. The better the conditions while recording, the better transcript results can be reached. Before dictation, you can check whether your microphone is properly connected and what recording quality is expected with the device used for dictation.

For file upload, the supported extensions are: .wav, .mp3, .m4a, .ogg, .mp4, .webm, .mov, .opus.

Users can upload files with a maximum size of 1 GB.

The transcription creates a whole, editable text of the speech from the audio or video file, while the captions are time coded versions of the text, that fits perfectly to the audio or video file. Alrite© creates both varies of texts at the same time, although it is important to note, that in case of certain packages, only the first 2 minutes of dictated and uploaded files will be captioned. By modifying the transcript, the captions change as well after the modification is saved.

Recorded or uploaded files and the related original and edited versions of the documents can be shared with anyone who may not have an Alrite© account. Throughout the process of sharing the file, the data sheet of the document will be sent to a public URL, that can be shared via SMS, e-mail or social media.

Yes, you can access our user guide on our website, where - among other things - you can learn about the processes of registration and login, transcription and captioning, editing, downloading and searching.

Data and system protection

An unlimited number of accounts can be assigned to each business subscription, allowing all the accounts to create transcript and caption files using the same time frame. These accounts can be managed with a three-level authorization system. At the top level is admin. With an admin account, all files and users in the company can be accessed, and new accounts can also be added. The Super user can see the files uploaded by others as well, but does not have the ability to add new accounts. Users can only view their own files and cannot add new accounts.

All the data is stored on a secure cloud infrastructure, on exclusive servers operated in Hungary and reserved exclusively for Alrite. Each individual subscriber has access to his own personal data and files uploaded by him, and each legal entity has access to the data and uploaded files provided by users belonging to his subscription in accordance with the authorization settings. The system and the database behind Alrite have multiple levels of protection. The data can only be accessed by service personnel authorized by our company for the purpose of service operations, in accordance with strict security regulations, with the authorization of the user, logging the operations performed in the system.

The data of our business subscribers using the system on-premise infrastructure is stored in their own server environment.

In Starter and Prime packages, the uploaded audio and related text files are stored in the application database for 7 days. For business Premium and Professional packages, these files are stored for 1 year, unless the subscriber (user) decides to delete any (or even all) of them. Once deleted, the files will be destroyed, they will no longer be available and cannot be restored either in the Alrite system or in the application database.

Personal data provided during registration will be stored during the use of the application, as long as the registration is active, or will be deleted after 5 years of continuous use of the Starter version.

Data of our business subscribers using the system on-premise will be stored in their own server environment and will be available there for the period specified in the subscription or until the subscriber deletes it.

Passwords entered in the system are stored encrypted.

Audio materials uploaded by the subscriber or recorded with a microphone in the Alrite application, as well as related text files, can only be accessed by the subscriber and (in case of business use) by users associated with the subscriber!

The subscriber has the exclusive right to view, download and use the audio and text files for any other purpose. The data may only be accessed for service purposes by specialists authorized by our company, in compliance with strict security regulations. Our company does not use this data to improve the deep learning-based speech recognition and word processing algorithms of the Alrite system, or to develop Alrite for functional purposes - other procedures and publicly available, processable data files are available to for this purpose.

Data from our business subscribers using the system on-premise infrastructure is stored in their internal server environment, ensuring maximum protection of business data.

You can find more information about data management in our Privacy Policy, the acceptance of which is mandatory during registration


After logging into the application, you can indicate your subscription to the Prime and Premium packages directly from the top menu bar by clicking on the Order now button. In case of selecting the Professional package or adding extended services, you can request an offer from the application or send us an e-mail to Following this, we will send you the offer with the terms and conditions of the contract. By accepting the terms and conditions and balancing the subscription fee successfully, the profile will be activated.

The Alrite speech recognition and transcription application is available as a web and mobile application running on a cloud-based infrastructure. For business subscribers, we also offer an additional on-premises service for larger volume orders. If you are interested in outsourcing Alrite on-premises, please contact us at

All new subscribers get the Starter package after the account activation for free. For business use, you can choose from 3 packages with different functionality and price. We define our rates in pay per minute. The rates are the following: Prime package is net €0.09 or $0.11/minute, Premium package is net €0.15 or $0.17/minute. The number of hours you want to subscribe must be multiplied by these fees so that the total subscription fee can be calculated. The minimum timeframe is 10 hours/order. If you would like to subscribe to the Professional package, please contact us via the Contact menu or send us an e-mail directly to for a personalized offer.

If a user you have invited through your invitation link subscribes the first time to one of our subscription packages (Lite, Plus, Prime, Premium or Professional), we will reward both of you with a free time credit of 1 hour each, at the same when the order is made. You can find more information in the ‘Invitation’ menu.

The main difference between these two packages is regarding the captiopning function. Subscribers with the Premium package can generate captions for the full lenght of the files, while in case of the lower cathegory Prime package can generate captions only the first 2 minutes of the recorded or the uploaded files.

The time frame will only be deducted when using the dictation, file upload or YouTube video captioning features of the application.

In case of all subscription packages (Lite, Plus, Prime, Premium and Professional), the purchased time credit can be used within 1 year. If you decide to purchase further time credits, the newly purchased time credit will be added to the new subscription and can be used for 1 year from the date of activation.

When the order is successfully completed, we send the invoice in an automatic message to the e-mail address associated with the profile. After finalizing the payment, the invoice will also be available to view or download anytime from the Orders menu.

In case of orders made by users with an account for private purposes (Lite, Plus), we can only issue an invoice containing the user’s name and address. In case of orders initiated from a business profile for one of our business packages (Prime, Premium, Professional) the invoice will be issued with the data of the company’s name, address and tax number given in the profile or during the checkout process.

An invoice related to an order initiated from our mobile application will be issued within the application store (App Store or Google Play) and will be available among the other receipts of previous purchases.

Free Starter package

Each user can request the Starter package for free. A 1 hour time credit is available for free after the registration, and we renew our users' Starter package on the 1st day of every month with a 30 minute time credit for free, so they can reap the benefits of Alrite©. The registration is free and does not oblige an additional subscription. Register, and try out the application

After the registration, a 1 hour time credit is available for audio or video recording. Video captioning is available in the Starter package for up to 2 minutes per audio or video files. When the 1-hour Starter time credit is exhausted, we renew our users' Starter package on the 1st day of every month with a 30 minute timeframe for free. Every user is entitled to the free use of our application with just a quick registration. For more information on restrictions, please see the Terms of Use page.

Mobile Application

The application can be downloaded from the App Store or from the the Google Play application stores for free.

The quality of the transcript depends on the intelligibility of the audio or video file you are recording or uploading. The accuracy of the transcript can be affected by a number of factors: the acoustic conditions of the room, the multidirectional sound source, the volume of the speech and the distance of the speakers from the microphone.


A good quality transcript can be as accurate as 90-95%. By increasing the volume of the speech and reducing the distance between the speaker and the recording device, and by positioning the recording device in the right direction, the intelligibility of the recorded speech and thus the accuracy of the resulting transcript can be greatly improved.


When recording with a mobile phone:

  • When recording, we recommend that you point the microphone of your mobile phone (usually at the bottom of the device) towards the sound source.
  • When recording a meeting, before recording with the mobile device placed in the middle of the table, you can use the "Test microphone" function to check that the speech is clearly understood in the recording without using extra time.


Clicking in the transcript will resume playback at the word where that word is said in the recording, so that you can easily edit the transcript from audio/video material in the mobile and web application.  In the browser version, the fix is further enhanced by the "Show uncertainties" feature, which when enabled, will highlight words in burgundy that the app was unsure of.

To use most functions, stable internet connection is essential. Although internet connection is not needed for recording audio and video materials within the application. Active connection will be needed again to have the file be transcribed and captioned.

Payments can be made through the application store [App Store or Google Play] in your account. The invoice will be issued within the store as well, by the operator [Apple or Google]. The invoice information will be based on the datas that are given and saved in the platform of the store.

In the mobile application you can record video files directly, after accepting the access to your microphone and camera.

Additional questions

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See our user guide for a detailed description of the application's features and menu items.