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Alrite automatically transcribes English, German, Spanish and Hungarian speech with an outstanding accuracy – on both audio or video materials.

Increase your efficiency with speech recognition!

With its modern, user-friendly interface and extensive functionality, Alrite greatly facilitates your daily activities

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Replace all activities requiring typing with dictation

Alrite provides the ability to dictate directly within the app. The dictated text is automatically written and punctuated with an outstanding accuracy.

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Caption all your content with a few clicks

Alrite can be used effectively to create subtitles for audio and video files with automatically generated subtitle files (.srt) timed to milliseconds.

Alrite speech-to-text web app 'Captions' screen
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Use Alrirte’s exctensive functionality for many more

Among others, automatic translation, command words and Advanced search options support you in all your activities.

Boost your efficiency from as low as $0.07/minute

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Try Alrite without any commitment! Get 1 hour timeframe after registration + 30 minute timeframe renewed monthly.

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$0.07 /minute


Make typing effortless with Alrite!

  • Transcription using dictation
  • Transcription of audio and video files
  • Transcribing YouTube, Facebook and TikTok videos
  • Storage of audio and text files for 7 days
  • Automatic translation

Best offer for captioning

$0.10 /minute


Exploit Alrite with extended functionality!

  • Transcription using dictation
  • Transcription of audio and video files
  • Transcribing and captioning YouTube, Facebook and TikTok videosPlus
  • Storage of audio and text files for 1 yearPlus
  • Automatic translation
  • Video captioningPlus
  • Burned-in captionsPlus

The prices shown are valid for private subscribers. For business use, please see our Prime and Premium packages!

Frequently asked questions


You can register on the registration page of the application. Every user is entitled to the free use of our application with just a quick registration. After entering the required data and accepting the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, we send an automatic email to confirm the registration. The account can be activated by clicking on the ‘Confirm registration’ link in the e-mail. After the registration, each user has the free Starter package.

Alrite© automatically transcribes English, German, Hungarian and Spanish speech with an outstanding accuracy, and we are continuously developing the application to understand other languages as well.

The Alrite© speech recognition application is using artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically make transcript and captions of the heard speech. The application offers efficient alternative to replace time consuming typing and to make audio and video materials retrievable. Alrite© transcribes the speech using dictation, file upload or simply providing an online video link.


In the transcript Alrite© labels the recognition accuracy, that you can switch on and off in editing mode whether to show the low confidence words.


Furthermore, in case of our subscription packages, translating English transcripts and captions to Hungarian or German, and Hungarian transcripts and captions to English or German and German transcripts and captions to English or Hungarian is available as well. The transcript can be edited and exported in Word format. In addition to transcription, timed captions can also be generated and downloaded in .srt format and burned-in captions.


Through the Live Stream feature, you can watch various channels, and test how Alrite© creates real-time captions on different media platforms, on live broadcasts in English, German and Hungarian.


Alrite© stores uploaded/dictated files for a specified period depending on the type of the subscription.


It is possible to search for a specified expression in text and audio files, or in all files at once. Files and all related text documents can be erased on the file data sheet. To learn more about the functionality of the application, we recommend registering and trying out our Starter package.

The transcription creates a whole, editable text of the speech from the audio or video file, while the captions are time coded versions (captions) of the text, that fits perfectly to the audio or video file. Alrite© creates both varies of texts at the same time, although it is important to note, that in case of the free Starter, the Lite and Prime packages, only the first 2 minutes of dictated and uploaded files will be captioned as an opportunity for testing the function. By modifying the transcript, the captions change as well after the modification is saved.


After logging into the application, you can indicate your subscription to the Prime and Premium packages directly from the top menu bar by clicking on the Order now button.

All new subscribers get the Starter package after the account activation for free. For individuals, we offer two subscription packages. The fee for the Lite package is €0.06 or $0.07/minute (€3.6 or $4.2/ hour), the fee for the Plus package is €0.08 or $0.1/minute (€4,8 or $6/hour). The number of hours you want to buy must be multiplied by these fees so that the total subscription fee can be calculated. The minimum timeframe is 10 hours/order.

In case of all subscription packages (Lite, Plus, Prime, Premium and Professional), the purchased time credit can be used within 1 year. If you decide to purchase further time credits, the newly purchased time credit will be added to the new subscription and can be used for 1 year from the date of activation.

Subscribers with the Lite package can generate captions only for the first 2 minutes of the recorded or the uploaded file for testing the captioning function. The uploaded files and the related text documents (transcripts and captions) are stored for 7 days on the platform, after that the files are automatically deleted. In case of the Plus package, the captions are generated for the full length of the files that you can download as separate file in .srt or burned-in the video. The uploaded files are stored for 1 year in the account.

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