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The application automatically transcribes English, German, Spanish and Hungarian speech with an outstanding accuracy – on both audio and video materials. With its modern, user-friendly interface and extensive functionality, it greatly facilitates the daily activities of business and personal life as well.

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Transcribing and captioning of audio and video files

Using the mobile device's microphone and camera, the Alrite© application provides opportunity to record audio and video files within the application in order to generate transcripts and captions from them after a quick upload.

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Replay the file and edit the transcript and many more

All files are stored in the Files menu and have their own unique data sheet. These contain the original files, the transcripts and the captions created from them. The transcripts can also be edited - while retaining the original version - and shared.

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Free monthy auto-renewable subscription package

Downloading the application is free, and after a quick registration every user is entitled to the free use of the functions provided within the auto-renewable Starter subscription package.

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Record and generate e-notes without typing

Make editable and downloadable notes by recording audio or create short clips by recording and captioning videos. After you finish the recording, you can decide to process the file immediately or save it for later. 

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Create shareable content in minutes

Upload any audio or video file and check out the text document and time stamped captions generated of the heard speech. Edit, download, translate or share the resulted documents for further use.

Alrite speech-to-text mobile app 'Files' screen
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Reach a wider crowd with your YouTube videos

Upgrade your account and generate captions by Alrite for your YouTube videos by only pasting its’ link. With built-in automatic translation your videos will reach a wider audience, expanding the viewers.