Try Alrite’s voice to text AI with online transcription

Put Alrite’s online transcribing feature to the test. Dictate up to 20 seconds and let our voice to text AI transcribe it.

You will be asked to give access to your microphone when you first start a recording.

The audio recordings made here will be permanently deleted right after the transcription process finished.

If you liked the accuracy of online transcription, you will be amazed by what our voice to text application is capable of.

Alrite doesn’t stop at online transcribing, there is a whole lot more to the voice to text app. It is free to download for Android and iOS devices. Also, you can register for free and try Alrite’s extensive functionality from your browser.

Alrite also works real time

Test the effectiveness of Alrite on a live TV broadcast with real time transcription and captioning!

The subtitles of Euronews live programs were not created by Euronews, they were created with the Alrite software application by Régens Zrt. Euronews is not responsible for any subtitles.

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Higher accessibility and better understanding for events, conferences, offline and online meetings. Alrite’s voice to text AI proves itself useful in multiple industries, such as education, business, media and government.

See what Alrite is capable of in a sample transcript

Below you a can find a sample data sheet of a previously recorded audio. It is a publicly shared document where you can check how accurate Alrite is (the transcript has not been edited). To try the versatile functionality of Alrite, please register.

There is more to the Alrite voice to text AI than just live captioning and online transcribing

  • Speech recognition with unparalelled accuracy
  • Editing and searching in the transcribed text
  • Translation in several languages
  • Generating editable timecoded subtitles for video files
  • Wide range of packages to perfectly suit your needs
  • Useful across all industries

Speech recognition and more

Alrite can recognize speech in multiple languages, namely English, German, Spanish, French, Turkish, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Italian and Hungarian. After your audio file or speech is transcribed, the application offers you the opportunity to edit the transcribed text, making it 100% accurate. You can also search for relevant keywords within the text, making your studies or everyday work way easier than ever. Furthermore, if you instantly need to translate the audio, video, or text file, Alrite also got you covered. There really are infinite opportunities with our voice to text AI, make sure not to miss out on it!

Automatically making subtitles for video files

AI has many functions as you might know by now, and it provides an ever-increasing field of opportunities. Voice to text is one of those areas where its application can have a multitude of benefits. For that purpose, Alrite was created. It can function as a productivity app making your everyday tasks shorter and more efficiently done, or it can be a solution for your work as well. For instance, it can generate editable subtitles for videos, as mentioned above, so if you are a content creator, or you need live / online transcribing services, Alrite is made for you.

Wide range of subscription packages

If you want to use Alrite on the business or individual level, we considered everyone’s needs. There are different packages for individuals, as well as for businesses. Whether you need the voice to text AI to transcribe the lecturer’s words at university, making your notes automatically, or to automatically caption live videos and TV shows, we provide you the best-fitting solution. It is up to you how you want to make use of it!

Useful across all industries

The Alrite voice to text AI has no limits. It can offer solutions in most industries, including education, office work, media, call centers, digitalization, government, improving accessibility, and even more! It is the go-to voice to text app if you want to possess a comprehensive solution. Boosting your productivity, making the work processes faster and smoother is just one step away. Register now and try the first hour of audio and speech transcription for free!