Type less with our speech transcription software from $0.13/minute

You can boost your productivity and get the most out of your documents with the help of our AI-based speech and audio transcription software. There are multiple plans available to you, so you can find the best fitting Alrite service for your needs. Also, if you are an individual, there are different, more convenient options for you as well!

$0.13 /minute


Start to utilize the advantages of Alrite's transcription features

  • Helpdesk within 3 business days
  • Transcribing YouTube, Facebook and TikTok videos
  • Storage of files and text versions for 1 year
  • Administration interface for managing an unlimited number of users
  • Transcription using dictation
  • Transcription using audio and video file upload
  • Translation
  • Generating transcripts containing timestamps

Best offer for captioning

$0.20 /minute


Increase your efficiency with Alrite, with outstanding customer service and optimization capabilities

  • Priority helpdesk, within 8 hours Premium
  • Transcribing and captioning YouTube, Facebook and TikTok videosPremium
  • Storage of files and text versions for 1 year
  • Administration interface for managing an unlimited number of users
  • Transcription using dictation
  • Transcription using audio and video file upload
  • Translation
  • Video captioningPremium
  • Burned-in captionsPremium
  • Generating transcripts containing timestamps


Take advantage of Alrite's full functionality with the ability to request all additional services

  • Unique vocabulary
  • API access
  • On-premises deployment

The prices shown are net prices and do not include the amount of VAT.

The Swedish, Portuguese, Italian and Polish speech recognition models include software developed by Max Bain.

The above table is for information purposes only, the information is not exhaustive and does not constitute an offer, Régens Zrt. reserves the right to make changes.

All Alrite subscription comes with
Translation logo

Audio and speech transcription in English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Polish, Danish, Turkish, Portugal, Italian, Swedish and Hungarian

Copying sheets logo

Automatic translation between several languages

Text editor logo

Advanced text editing and searching functions within the speech transcription software

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Ensured secure infrastructure to keep your data safe

Schedule logo

Subscribed time frame can be used for 1 year for our speech transcription software

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Access to the Alrite speech to text app for iOS and Android

Find the subscripton package that best suits your needs

We help you discover the perfect package in a few easy steps.

Frequently asked questions about subscription

How long is the ordered time credit valid for?

The timecredit ordered can be used within 1 year, at any time, there is no monthly subscription obligation.


If you need more time during the subscription period, you can purchase additional time (min 10 hours) with a new order.


If you order again before the end of the subscription period, before your time slot runs out, the remaining time slot from the previous subscription will be automatically added to the new one, and its usage time will be extended, valid for 1 year from the date of the new purchase.

What are the payment options in the Alrite speech to text app?

You can pay by credit card via PayPal with a PayPal account.

The subscription is automatically activated as soon as the payment is received.

What time credit options can I choose from and what volume discounts are available in the Alrite speech to text app?

In the Alrite speech to text app, the timecredit can be selected from predefined packages or specified individually (minimum timecredit is 10 hours/order).

Orders over 50 hours are eligible for a 5% volume discount, orders over 250 hours are eligible for a 7% volume discount and orders over 1000 hours are eligible for an 8% discount.

What is important to know about invoicing?

After each successful order initiated from the Alrite webapplication, the system will automatically send an electronic invoice to your email address. Invoices related to orders can be viewed and downloaded from the Profile menu at any time.
The invoice will be issued with the name, address and tax number of the organization given during the checkout process in case of business profile and subscription.

What should I do if I want to cancel a pending order?

If you have started an order on Alrite speech to text web interface, but the transaction has not been completed, or you wish to complete the order with a different payment method or at a different time, you can cancel the order in the ’Orders’ menu.


You can cancel your pending order by clicking on the Cancel button in the pending order queue (Orders menu) and then restart your order at any time for the package and timecredit that suits your needs.

Would you like to try the audio and speech transcription services of Alrite first?

Register for free and try out Alrite’s functions, including its audio transcription feature. You can upload an infinite number of files in the most used formats (mp3, mp4, wav, m4a, mov, etc.) until reaching the 1-hour length. Then, you will have the opportunity to find the best-fitting package for your needs, or you can contact us anytime to acquire a customized speech transcription service.