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Alrite offers its users a comprehensive solution. It doesn’t only convert speech to text, but it offers much more.


Generate subtitles for your videos, automatize creating interview transcripts, caption your podcasts and radio shows, or just boost your media monitoring methods in order to achieve an accurate image of your brand in the public’s eye, the Alrite speech to text app has got you covered.

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woman with microphone creating interview transcript

Transcription for journalists and newsrooms

Save a vast amount of time with automated interview transcripts

Converting your interview recording from speech to text is a fundamental, but time-consuming element of journalism.

For live conferences and streamed events, live captions provide an inclusive experience for participants who may not otherwise be able to hear speakers and sounds at the event. They provide better access to attendees, who are non-native English speakers or have any kind of hearing impairment.

Transcription for filmmakers and video producers

Speech to text increases the understandability of your videos!

Filmmakers and video producers out there! Have you ever considered implementing a speech to text tool to make your art accessible for everyone? The Alrite speech to text app can also work as a subtitle generator! But what are the possible benefits one can gain from this function? When it comes to video-producing and filmmaking, it’s quite evident. Generating subtitles were never this easy for your movies and videos, so it is understandable by everyone in the cinema!

Think of your foreign audiences! Most of the time, their interpretation of your message especially depends on subtitles since they’re easier to understand than heard speech. Moreover, using Alrite’s voice typing feature, you can also dictate your speech to text if you want to write a screenplay swiftly and efficiently.

Camera recording blue lighted scene
woman creating podcast transcription using speech to text on laptop

Transcription for podcasters and radio stations 

Share your audio content with a wider audience with the help of automated podcast transcription

Making podcasts and radio shows? Being one of the hardest mediums to target, it is difficult to include audiences who may have hearing impairments, but would still like to get to know your content better. The Alrite speech to text software can provide you with up to 95% accuracy on audio transcription, which is so accurate a human could have done it. Moreover, it’s a comprehensive solution with a user-friendly interface where you can easily edit the transcrip. You can even do so with the help of a word-highlighting feature that helps identify words that have a chance of not being accurate!

With speech to text AI, podcast transcription really is that easy! You can still focus on what you do best while Alrite helps you to include as many people as possible. You can also attract more traffic to your podcast episodes if the podcast transcript is provided as well. And with an AI-based solution like Alrite, speech to text is a task that requires no more than a few minutes!

Transcription for television broadcasts and programmes

Implementation of live speech to text in the world of television

Always account for everyone when creating your content for television! Otherwise, how bad would it be if a part of your audience missed out on what you had to say, right? Consider elderly people or those with any kind of hearing impairment. They, too, should be able to enjoy your content with 100% understandability.

Luckily, Alrite is not limited to being a subtitle generator, as it also has a real time transcription service as an additional function. Nowadays, it is becoming common practice around the world for TV Broadcasters to make their content more accessible for people with hearing impairments through live subtitles.

Because of the nature of live TV, there are many technical problems that Broadcasters face when tackling the issue of accessibility in real time. Given that subtitles cannot be made beforehand, and sign language translators are not always available, it is always reassuring to have a trustworthy service that will help ease your worries. While these broadcasts are more or less subtitled in real time, there are still multiple instances when the subtitles are hard to read or understand because the real time transcription tool missed out on important phrases, marked the punctuation incorrectly, or transcribed the heard speech to text improperly. And the list of obstacles still goes on!

With Alrite, all of this can be avoided! Available in English, German, and other languages, the speech to text software works increadibly well in real time. No more bad punctuation or subtitling without context – Alrite is able to overcome the obstacles that traditional real time subtitle generating services struggle with. It is the ideal solution for TV, as it generates subtitles in real time with outstanding accuracy. If you want to see for yourself, visit our Demo page where EuroNews is captioned by Alrite in real time!

close image of a camera objective
man in background capturing video with camera in foreground

Transcription for content creators and influencers

Boost views and engagement rates on your videos with AI

Needless to say, a subtitle generator feature is exceptionally beneficial for online content creators. Whether you are a YouTuber, Instagram or TikTok influencer, subtitling your videos will only prove beneficial for you. Let us give you an example.

Imagine your viewer is on the tram, scrolling through their Instagram or TikTok feed. They stumble upon your video, but can’t turn the volume up, because they don’t want to bother others. Two scenarios can occur:

  • They didn’t get the chance to understand and enjoy it, as there were no subtitles provided. Because of this, they scrolled past your video and you lost a viewer.
  • They were engaged by your video and watched it from the beginning to the end. How? Because with the help of the Alrite speech to text app, you were able to provide accurate and timestamped subtitles.

Moreover, adding subtitles to your videos will increase their SEO-rating, automatically ranking them higher and increasing the number of views. It’s not limited to “just” engagement! Make sure to take advantage of Alrite’s subtitle generator feature in the Premium package!

Transcription for media monitoring

Track the reputation of your brand with exceptional media monitoring

Have you heard about media monitoring before? It’s a really useful tool if you want to efficiently find out what others think about your brand or company.

In the past, media monitoring was limited to only written sources, such as articles. Now, with the help of automatic podcast transcription, the conversion of any video, audio, and heard speech to text, media monitoring has become much broader and effective.

Imagine being able to track the reputation of your brand every time it was mentioned! Since Alrite can automatically transcribe any audio or video, it has finally becamo possible. And should you be part of a niche market, you can forget your worries! Alrite can provide you with a custome dictionary upon request that is capable of recognizing terminology that only your industry uses.

Woman using desktop pc to media monitoring statistics

Discovering Alrite: The speech to text solution for Virtuosos' challenges

Virtuosos V4+ is a European-level classical music talent TV show that entertains audiences in eight countries. The show features exceptionally talented young musicians who showcase their skills, competing for recognition and awards. The Alrite speech recognition application has become essential for Virtuosos to efficiently manage speech-based content, enabling quick and effective transcription and translation into the base languages using Alrite’s automatic translation function. These translations are then further translated into multiple languages and uploaded as optional subtitles for YouTube videos.

Traditional methods of speech recognition were time-consuming and inefficient for handling large volumes of content. Additionally, manual transcription could lead to human errors, requiring further time-consuming and resource-intensive correction processes. Furthermore, if any changes were made during the editing of the show’s videos, the timestamps would also become misaligned.

Implementing Alrite appeared to be the solution to these problems for Virtuosos. They chose Alrite over other solutions because it was easily integrable into the existing system and flexibly adapted to the specific needs of the show. Moreover, it provided precisely what was needed: fast, highly accurate speech recognition and transcription in multiple languages, with timestamps, downloadable in subtitle-ready SRT format.

Using Alrite brought significant advantages to the workflow of Virtuosos. The application provided fast and highly accurate speech recognition, minimizing the need for manual interventions. The most utilized features included transcription, translation, and automatic subtitling, which proved to be extremely useful. Alrite enabled substantial time savings, increasing workflow efficiency. For instance, instead of manual transcription, the automatically generated transcriptions by Alrite accelerated the show’s editing process, resulting in a 30-50% time savings.

See what Alrite is capable of in a sample transcript

Below you a can find a sample data sheet of a previously recorded audio. It is a publicly shared document where you can check how accurate Alrite is (the transcript has not been edited). To try the versatile functionality of Alrite, please register.

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Start to utilize the advantages of Alrite's transcription features to include a larger audience and to boost your overall productivity.

  • Helpdesk within 12 hours
  • Transcribing YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and Dailymotion videos
  • Storage of files and text versions for 6 months
  • Administration interface for managing an unlimited number of users
  • Transcription using dictation
  • Transcription using audio and video file upload
  • Translation
  • Summary and Keyword generation
  • Generating transcripts containing timestamps

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Increase your content-creating and media-monitoring efficiency with Alrite, with outstanding customer service and optimization capabilities.

  • Priority helpdesk, within 6 hours Premium
  • Transcribing and captioning YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and Dailymotion videos Premium
  • Storage of files and text versions for 1 year
  • Administration interface for managing an unlimited number of users
  • Transcription using dictation
  • Transcription using audio and video file upload
  • Translation
  • Summary and Keyword generation
  • Video captioning Premium
  • Burned-in captions Premium
  • Generating transcripts containing timestamps


Take advantage of Alrite's full functionality with the ability to request all additional services, such as tailor-made dictionary for media monitoring or content creating

  • Unique vocabulary
  • API access
  • On-premises deployment

Frequently asked questions

What benefits does the Alrite speech to text AI have?

The Alrite speech to text app provides multiple features to boost your productivity

  • Automatic transcription of speech and audio files in English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Turkish and Hungarian
  • 95% accuracy of speech transcription
  • Speech recognition of multiple speakers
  • Generate subtitles for your videos
  • Real time transcription for live videos and TV
  • The speech to text app highlights low confidence words, making your job easier for you
  • Useful functions in industries like Education, Media, Business, Government, and more
  • The voice to text AI is available on Android, iOS, and the most popular web browsers
  • High level security of your data
  • On-premise / private cloud service for businesses
How does Alrite work?

Alrite uses advanced AI to provide speech to text services across all industries, increasing your efficiency at all times.

How does Alrite utilize AI?

AI helps Alrite to provide the accuracy of 95% in audio and speech transcription. Moreover, it also helps so the speech to text services are available in 9 different languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Turkish and Hungarian.

What is Alrite’s speech to text feature used for?

It is useful for individuals and for businesses as well to boost their productivity, efficiency, and to make their everyday lives easier.

In what industries can Alrite be useful?

Alrite’s speech transcription, translation, and subtitle-generating features can be useful in the following areas:

  • Office work
  • Media
  • Call centers
  • Digitalization
  • Education
  • Government
  • Accessibility
  • Non-business use