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Turn your media into a searchable archive with the power of AI 

In today's fast-paced digital world, information is abundant and easily accessible. However, managing and organizing this information can be difficult, especially when it comes to large volumes of audio and video content.

Automated AI transcription for various industries

This is where Alrite steps in, offering an innovative speech to text solution that transforms your media into an easily searchable archive. Alrite offers complete solution of speech-to-text tailored with searchable archives for different industries. Whether you’re an academic institution looking to enhance the learning experience, a media professional, a lawyer or legal practitioner aiming to streamline content discovery, Alrite has the tools to meet your needs.

Alrite is available as a web and mobile application so you can easily find the information you need at any time and from anywhere. These applications are extremely useful for all industries, as data can be easily extracted from textual material, reports can be generated and quotes can be extracted.

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Empowering Education with Alrite’s Automatic Transcription service 

One of Alrite’s flagship offerings is its speech to text service designed for educators, lecturers, students and research groups. The education landscape is rapidly evolving, with online learning gaining prominence. Alrite’s solution takes the spoken word from lectures, seminars and educational videos and generates accurate, searchable text from them. This not only aids students in revisiting key concepts but also assists educators in creating well-organized learning resources.

The production of materials with audio and visual elements to enhance the effectiveness of education, and their subsequent processing, also requires the availability of textual equivalents. Both to support different learning habits and to support accessible education. Today’s technology makes it possible to translate these media-based educational materials into text format with a minimum of human resources. 

To support students’ learning processes, it is most effective to provide them with e-learning videos together with text. With Alrite, it’s easy! Files uploaded to the system are automatically transcribed and captioned- whether it’s audio or video,  and the files processed can be found and played back in seconds using Alrite’s advanced search system.

Users can search the media by clicking on a given word or phrase in the transcript, and the player will jump to the exact word where it is heard in the audio. It is also possible to search for a keyword across all uploaded files, the app will immediately list all files that contain the word you are looking for. What stands out in Alrite is that the solution has a built-in translator, and once the translation is done, you can even enter a word from the translation in the search field, the app will give you the result and highlight the word in the match text. 

In addition to the transcription service and automatic translation, Alrite can also generate video captions from the media files, facilitating accessibility and exclusivity for deaf and hard of hearing students.

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AI in Legal field – keep track of client meetings, court hearings and depositions

Piecing together information from an increasingly diverse range of platforms is a major challenge for lawyers too. Some case material includes media files and social media videos in different formats. Processing such content manually can take hours or even days. Our speech recognition app Alrite offers a complex solution, capable of converting speech in audio files, videos and social media recordings into highly accurate punctuated text – even in minutes.

As in other business sectors, the integration of artificial intelligence technology has brought about transformative changes, especially in the field of archive management. The emergence of AI-driven tools has proven to be a key step forward, revolutionizing the way legal practitioners manage archived information.

How does Alrite help legal professionals in the field of archiving? All files uploaded to Alrite can be searched easily, it makes finding relevant information easily for a deeper understanding of the case and the development of precise findings and conclusions. This innovation not only speeds up the process of transcribing and digitizing historical legal documents, but also allows legal experts to quickly retrieve and analyze critical information from archives.

Speech recognition tools such as Alrite enables seamless conversion of spoken content into accurate and searchable text, significantly enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of archival records.

As a result, the legal community is better equipped to navigate complex cases, make well-informed decisions, and uphold the principles of justice in an increasingly data-driven world.

Generate Searchable Archives in the Media Industry

In an era where content is king, in addition to delivering news as quickly as possible, media organizations are challenged to efficiently manage and recycle their vast archives too. Alrite’s speech-to-text solution offers the media industry a game-changing solution. 

Media companies, video producers and journalists all benefit from using a speech to text app and from it’s main feature: the searchability of audio and video content. By transcribing and captioning audio and video files into text, media professionals can quickly search through extensive libraries of material, locate specific moments, and repurpose content for various platforms. This not only saves time but also enhances content discoverability and maximizes the value of existing media assets.

In addition to archiving, Alrite also addresses the other main challenge for media companies: one of the most time-consuming parts of producing news, interviews and other press materials is typing and copywriting. 

By automatically converting direct dictated recordings and pre-recorded audio files into text, Alrite saves journalists a lot of time from having to type up a long transcript after a press event. And as we well know, speed can be a great advantage over the competition! 

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Why Choose Alrite?

While traditional transcription methods exist, Alrite’s AI-powered solution offers several distinct advantages:

  1. Speed and Efficiency: Alrite’s automated text generation process is significantly faster than manual transcription and allows you to access media-based databases in minutes.
  2. Accuracy: The advanced AI algorithms used by Alrite ensure high accuracy levels in transcribing even complex language and accents, reducing the need for extensive editing.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: Manually transcribing can be quite resource-intensive and costly. Alrite’s solution offers a more efficient way without compromising quality.

Embrace the Future of Archiving with Alrite

As we move forward in the digital age, effective management and use of media assets is key. Alrite emerges as a powerful ally, enabling you to turn media into a searchable archive that fosters innovation, knowledge sharing and operational efficiency.

Alrite converts media into structured, editable text containing speaker change markers and creates an easily searchable database of them. The solution simplifies content discovery and saves valuable time for the organisation by making relevant content easily accessible.

Imagine the time-consuming process of sifting through volumes of media archives, transformed into a fast and accurate search operation.

In conclusion, with Alrite’s cutting-edge technology, the transformation of your audio and video content into searchable text is within reach. Embrace the future of archiving today with Alrite and experience the difference in content management.

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